Reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and Sick Building Syndrome

Poor indoor air quality leads to viral or chronic illnesses.
Find out if your building suffers from Sick Building Syndrome.

Typical issues in a sick building:

Poor Ventilation

Lack of outdoor air, inefficient HVAC design,
poor HVAC maintenance

Increase in Biological Contaminants

Viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen

Presence of Chemical Contaminants

Harmful gases, chemicals, dust

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We offer solutions to help address your indoor air quality issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the internationally recognized disinfection method using UVC lights. UVGI is an accepted method of disinfection by various international organizations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

MSERV will follow the international standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

  • We can install UV lights and upgrade air filters within the HVAC units to ensure the safety of the air flowing from the AC unit and;
  • UV light sterilization through our UV products for disinfection of rooms and surfaces

We can perform sample tests, to be tested in our lab, to detect the presence of bacteria and other harmful substances. For long term solutions, we can install IAQ sensors that can monitor in real-time the different IAQ parameters (Cardon Monoxide, Humidity, Lead, Ozone, Nitogen Dioxide, PM10, PM2.5, Sulfur Dioxide, Temperature, Formaldehyde).

Aside from healthier employees resulting in decreased absences and increased productivity, UVGI & filtration solutions maintain clean cooling coils that keep our HVAC working efficiently. This provides good heat exchange which leads to less work required from your chiller, compressor and AHU fan motor which can lead to energy savings. In addition, by having properly maintained and cleaned HVAC systems, you significantly reduce the risk or breakdowns and prolong equipment life.

Result will be immediate after installation. Upon UV exposure, bacteria and viruses will be inactivated.

We recommend it to be done every day when available; particularly after office hours or whenever the room is vacant especially after a large number of people has occupied the space.

The UV lights for HVAC equipment are high output lamps that can kill microorganisms in a short amount of time. The placement of these UV lights will be designed to ensure maximized exposure and effectivity against microorganisms. Our solution also combines UV Lights with Air filters. This means that the Air Filter will capture the particulates and bacteria. The UV lights will then kill any microorganism caught by the filter, preventing it to further spread and grow.

Tests are currently ongoing for the effectivity of UV lights against COVID-19. However, scientists are optimistic because the UV lights have been proven effective against other types of the Coronavirus such as SARS and MERS.

UV lights can be used on surfaces. We have numerous products for surface disinfection. Exposing rooms or surfaces to UV lights will kills microorganisms.

Normal disinfection may only be addressing contaminants in surfaces and not the air. Also, normal disinfection may miss spots depending on the quality of cleaning done.

Yes, fresh air is good to be able to dilute any contaminants indoor. It will also help maintain healthy humidity levels and facilitate proper air exchange within the space.

For homes, simply opening windows can be effective to introduce fresh air. For offices, opening of windows can be effective but might not be ideal especially during office hours because the cold air might be affected. Ideally, the building must be designed to have proper ventilation including the HVAC system and exhaust fans. We can also introduce air filters and purifiers to ensure safety of indoor air.

The average expected life span of our UV lights is 10,000 burning hours.

Our partner for UV lights is an American company with a manufacturing plant in China. American quality standards and manufacturing practices are implemented in their manufacturing plant. These UV lights undergo strict quality check to ensure their effectivity in killing bacteria and other harmful substances.

No. There is no residue or other harmful chemicals produced by the UV lights.

UV light exposure is harmful to humans. Direct contact and exposure must be avoided. It must only be utilized when rooms are vacated. Our UV products have safety features such as motion sensors and timers to properly avoid any exposure.

One installation team can complete a UV light installation in one (1) AHU within three (3) days. We have multiple teams available to perform simultaneous installations for spaces with multiple AHUs

MSERV can install UV lights in Centralized HVAC Systems particularly in AHUs, FCUs and VRFs. We can also install UV Lights in window-type ACs and split-type ACs.

There is no expected effect, however, it will ensure that the air flowing through the system is clean and safe. It will only have an effect if there is already bacteria or mold growth affecting the system that the UV lights can address to improve the system.

think there is a need to upgrade because the UV lights are basically like normal lights at various wattages.

HEPA filters have high MERV rating for its efficient filtering capability. However, HEPA filters may restrict air flow in the HVAC system. We will have to check the existing capacity of your system if it can accommodate HEPA filters.

Yes. Our sensors have open protocols and communication that allow it to be integrated to other systems. MSERV can also perform all necessary integrations to ensure functionality.

Yes. Buses and public transportation may also be disinfected using UV lights. We will have to check the vehicles if we can install fixed UV lights in the AC system.

The recommended level of humidity is 45-55% for indoor spaces. This level helps prevent growth of microorganisms and provides comfortable breathing.

The facility audit has a fee. However, this fee is waivable once MSERV performs the corrective actions based on the findings of the audit report.

Yes. Aside from Electrical services, MSERV is also an expert for HVAC solutions. We can provide end-to-end HVAC services for all types of HVAC equipment. We perform HVAC audit, design, supply, install, operations and maintenance.

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